WILDFIRES, superstorms, floods, landslides. Do we get a choice?

Recent quotes from scientists: “Past three years hottest since records began”. “ The climate tide is rising fast.” “Zero-carbon economy needed”. “Another wake-up call ...before it’s too late.”

How should taxpayer money be spent? Everyone should be part of this critical conversation as impacts from pollinator loss to harvest failures are felt worldwide and vast numbers of people are on the move as a result.

The present government is told by the Committee on Climate Change that it is failing to implement the changes needed to retain a life-friendly environment, despite green rhetoric. Like the government, Bournemouth Borough Council makes green claims (Echo article “Helping to cut carbon output” 30.12.17). This ‘greenspeak’ was echoed at a presentation at Southbourne Forum recently.

Yet Bournemouth’s unambitious 1% of renewable energy does not inspire confidence now so many (including our house) are being 100% cleanly powered.

Several people raised a number of questions at the forum.

And how does road-building help us to a safer future when we all know healthier modes of travel are being implemented elsewhere?


Parkwood Road, Southbourne, Bournemouth