REGARDING the case for a second referendum on the EU.

Not only have the negotiations to date been a shambles, but also the adverse economic consequences of leaving the EU are becoming clearer. We shall all be worse off as a result of Brexit.

In the early discussions the British government was reluctant to give full rights to the three million EU citizens who have made the UK their home and who have contributed to our economy. After initially

refusing to contemplate giving anything to the EU, the government was finally forced to agree a divorce settlement of around an eye-watering total of £40billion.

During the referendum campaign, little or no attention was given to the effect of leaving the EU on the relationship with our nearest neighbour, Ireland. Brexit will clearly jeopardise the Good Friday


No-one surely wants to even contemplate a return to the ‘troubles’ which the imposition of a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic would inevitably risk.

We should not forget that the people of Northern Ireland actually voted to remain in the EU.

We all have a right to change our mind.

The British people should now have an opportunity to vote again in a second referendum on membership of the EU.


Morrison Road, Swanage