I WOULD like to raise an issue regarding the correct disposal of household waste.

I am outraged by the levels of fly-tipping that is taking place in the county and nationwide.

Today I faced ludicrous bureaucracy when I enquired to Poole council waste department regarding the disposal of my son's double mattress.

I do realise that some will take advantage of the services provided by Poole council, but I am not one.

I tried to read the statement regarding taking the mattress to Nuffield recycling, and as I have a combi van that I use for my sports, I would need a permit.

I contacted the correct department at the council who indicated my vehicle was the correct type of van they allow to access the tip, for the set number of times, under the terms of the permit. Super.

When I was asked if this was the only vehicle registered at the property, I replied no, there is also a car, the reply was I could not use the service. But, I was told, the way around this is to hire a van, which would then be accepted.

The second option was use the industrial waste site and pay to dispose of the mattress, but I replied that this is a household item and not industrial waste.

I am sorry to waste your time on what might seem trivial, but this is the tip of the iceberg. Rather than spending millions cleaning up after law breakers, improve the system to allow law-abiding citizens a decent service.


Austin Avenue, Poole