ON Saturday morning, January 13, my wife Moya (81 years old) took a nasty tumble outside Priory Lodge on Bridge Street and was unconscious for several seconds.

We would like to extend our deep gratitude to all those wonderfully kind people who came to our aid with coats and blankets to help keep her warm and phone for an ambulance. Most stayed with us in the cold for over an hour.

The 90-year-old ex-paramedic left his coat and a pillow behind which are with us at Priory Lodge. Should he let us know what he would like us do with them we will try and get them back to him.

Finally, after an hour and a half, we were so glad for the arrival of an ambulance. The wait was well worth it as the two paramedics were so good, kind and professional.

A very thorough examination in the warm ambulance showed Moya could go home and that the fantastic help given by our good Samaritans saved her from having to go to hospital.

Moya is well on the way to recovery with only bruising evident of the fall, and wants to say thank all those kind people and hope that they are warm again.


Priory Lodge, Christchurch