REGARDING the Echo reports on the 15th and 17th January to do with Bournemouth council’s scheme for a huge junction by the footbridge adjacent to the Cooper Dean flyover to facilitate extra office blocks on Wessex Fields.

How can the council claim this desecration of green belt and the conservation area will make, “the most of the natural environment around it,” particularly when you realise this junction will form a gateway into the green belt for more development in the future?

How will this horrific junction, so dangerously close to the Cooper Dean flyover “make the area an attractive location for businesses,” when they could relocate to and revitalise the centre of Bournemouth and be nearer the transport hub and beaches, rather than an already congested area and the sewage works?

How can the council dismiss Wessex Water’s objections on the grounds it will affect their works and future expansion to cope with present demand and meet new regulatory requirements? Doesn’t the council realise office blocks and more development will increase the need for extra capacity at Bournemouth’s main sewage works?

Residents in North Bournemouth already have more than their fair share of traffic. How can the council woo residents with their promise of less cars on Castle Lane East, when this will only be a tiny portion, but deliberately ignore Castle Lane West, which will have to cope with hundreds more vehicles every day?

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Elm Cottages, Holdenhurst Village