WITH waiting times for ambulances, and in accident and emergency, hitting the headlines, why are we even thinking of closing one of the facilities in our conurbation?

If the problem is with staffing them why not use this "points based" immigration system touted during the referendum to bring in some non-EU staff to help run these units.

The refugee camps around Syria are likely full of displaced medical staff who might be glad of a visa for them and their immediate families to come and live and work in the UK for, say, 10 years, during which time they could apply, and be assessed, for more permanent residence.

There must be a lot of talented people languishing in refugee or internment camps around the world, needing somewhere to go, or some purpose in life, whilst their homelands are being pulled apart by forces beyond their control.

In the meantime we can make serious efforts in the UK to train people to do these essential jobs, and to make sure they are paid what they're worth when they qualify.

I sometimes think that in the UK we, metaphorically speaking, cut our foot off to deal with an ingrowing toenail. We need to think a few things through properly, including having a proper honest discussion about taxation and spending, and make a fresh start with whatever we're left with post Brexit.

P.S. We have hundreds of unoccupied homes in our area, so housing people is not a problem if we develop the will to do something about it, but that's another rant!


Fraser Road, Poole