WHAT on earth is happening to our roads due to the roadworks around Poole all at the same time?

Who does the planning in this debacle of total mayhem?

Last Thursday late afternoon it took the bus approximately one hour to get from Poole Bus Station over the bridge to Hamworthy, generally a 10 minute journey.

On Friday just along the stretch of Holes Bay to Hamworthy more roadworks. It took approximately two hours to get back over the bridge and Monday late afternoon again from the bus station back over the bridge over two hours.

My life is precious and I do not want to sit in roadworks. I wonder how many councillors living around Poole are experiencing all of this?

Come on Poole council, get your act together as it is a total shambles on all aspects.

These jobs have to be done, but whilst the old Poole Bridge is still closed we are at a disadvantage regarding the flow of traffic. So please put a sensible head on to stagger these works.

You could, as these are essential roads, work through the night or at weekends to get it all done very quickly.

We have just got over nine months of upheaval with the closure of Gravel Hill. There were more roadworks at the same time on the Upton bypass.


Coles Avenue, Poole