To date, many people are complaining about the NHS hospitals and the ambulance service alike.

They say that there is a lack of funds with cutbacks going into every area.

Others say that a lot of money is being wasted within the NHS and more needs to be done to combat this.

I have a solution to save lots of money that could instead be incorporated into NHS hospitals.

Get rid of all GP surgeries!

When visiting one's surgery, appointment times are very lax if one is fortunate enough to actually see a doctor within two or three weeks.

On such an appointment, 10 minutes is often the allowed time.

Bearing in mind, if one were to be so lucky to see the same doctor every time who has bothered to know your medical notes.

Many GPs spread their time between NHS patients and private patients.

It is no wonder that many people are now turning to A&E rather than a wasted time going to see a GP. GP surgeries are also so often placed in very large buildings that could prove more useful to our ever growing homelessness.

GP surgeries are a thing of the past. They belong with Dr Finlay and all other past tales of local village doctors. Modern health requirements need proper doctors in all local hospitals.

I say get rid of GPs and all that entails. Instead put up a walk-in surgery inside hospitals but outside of A&E.


Wellington Road, Bournemouth