ALL this worry and delight coming into focus over the UK soon to revert to the navy-blue passport is creating so much hostility between the 'Leavers' and 'Remainers'.

As a 'Brexiteer' myself, I surely welcome it. The dark navy-blue passport is part of our lost heritage: it surely makes me think of James Bond which is surely very British. USA have their own passport and that singles them out from the rest of the world – we will soon be the same.

Those who complain that it will cause them many travel problems as they travel through the EU countries: long queues etc at passport control – I have the perfect solution to it all.

Let's face it, the EU is a money-raking business which is why they are so hacked off with the UK leaving when we are one of the few largest contributors.

So with that in mind, after Brexit, why don't they just charge an extra fee (as exorbitant as most), for any non-EU people to freely travel within their most precious lands.

If they charge too much then they will surely kill off their own tourist industry from UK. That's okay because we can all shop elsewhere.


Wellington Road, Bournemouth