I WOULD love to say I was surprised to read fervent Future Dorset supporter Cllr Trevor Watts' view following an 84 per cent vote against Christchurch joining with Poole and Bournemouth under a single unitary council.

However he was utterly predictable in announcing 'You have to bear in mind that 47 per cent of people haven't voted. If you couple those with the Yes vote it turns it on its head'. Yet another politician in a long line of ungracious losers.

Presumably, should Cllr Watts happen to lose his seat in the next round of council elections, his argument will be consisting of 'you have to bear in mind that (whatever number) per cent didn't vote. If you couple those with those who did vote for me it throws it on its head'.

Whatever happened to ' first past the post'?

Accept the facts, Cllr Watts!

Bumper turnout by postal vote or not, 84 per cent rejected your view with a minimal 16 per cent in favour. You lost!

Even then he makes the assumption that the 47 per cent who decided not to cast their vote could have been Yes voters.

Obviously the persuasive powers of the likes of himself, Cllr Bath and Cllr Nottage couldn't do the trick when push came to shove.

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid may be 'minded to' support the proposal, but at least he will have the the views of the people of Christchurch ringing in his ears and before his eyes when he does so!


Raven Way, Mudeford, Christchurch