THANK you so much for drawing attention to the plight of St Alban's congregation in Charminster and the final closure of all church services.

Over the last 18 months the congregation have been subject to the gradual cessation of church services.

First Sunday evensong, then the Sunday school, next the Wednesday Eucharist service followed by Sunday 8am.

Finally the shock announcement that ALL Sunday church services would cease. To the claim “We are not closing the church”, the brutal truth is there will be no church services at St Alban's church: however one service will be held on Sunday at 8am in the lounge to fulfil some regulation.

As a consequence most of the congregation are forced to seek alternative places of worship. Many long term friendships and association with St Alban's will come to an end as worshippers seek a convenient alternative church.

To the cry “St Alban's church services are unsustainable” – it is common knowledge that there have been generous legacies in recent years. Furthermore if the church is “not closing” and will remain open for other activities e.g. soup kitchen, homeless, refugees, garden club etc, then the fabric of the building must be maintained so why can we not have one or two services each month on a Sunday morning? For example one Eucharistic and one morning service.

My wife and I love St Alban's church and having been regulars for 27 years are newcomers compared to many regulars whose church life spans 40, 50, 60 and even 70 years.

I plead on behalf of the congregation of St Albans, many of whom openly wept last Sunday at a final morning service, that the cessation of church services at St Alban's be reconsidered.

BARRIE TWADDLE, Castle Lane West, Bournemouth