WHEN will we have a modern road link into Bournemouth Airport?

During the course of this week I have needed to travel past the entrance to the airport; I have also travelled into Weymouth on the 'new' high speed Relief Road!

Weymouth has enjoyed five years of this road system that was put in place to serve the very short-term event that was the 2012 Olympics.

No problem in finding the money for this, yet our major airport has a road connection that, apart from a bit of widening and traffic lights, hasn't changed much since the early 20th Century.

When can we expect to see a 'Weymouth-style' road link from the A338 Spur Road that will permit smooth traffic flow directly into the airport site?

Ger uz out o' the dark ages, Darzet!


Fontmell Road, Broadstone, Poole