I COULDN’T agree more with Jim O’Brien regarding the way the public toilets situation in Poole has been dealt with and the way the council have demolished them with great haste, effectively saying “there is no way they are going to reopen now”.

The toilets at Dolphin Quays were supposed to stay open but they too have now been closed as, of course, have those at Poole Pottery.

I am frequently in the Quay area and regularly asked by visitors where the public toilets are and you have to say there are none and you then have to try and explain how to get to Baiter or say they will have to use the private businesses on the Quay.

It is a sad situation that is not going to just ‘disappear’ as the council would like and, yes Mr O’Brien, the people of Poole will remember this when the next council elections come up.

Interestingly, in the same Echo edition was an article about the toilets in Saxon Square Christchurch being replaced with a new purpose built block of units similar to those at the Furlong Centre, Ringwood, which are excellent and easily maintained.

If smaller councils like Christchurch and Ringwood, and scores of others around the south, can manage to provide this basic but utterly necessary facility, why can’t Poole?

MICHAEL WHITE, Lindsay Road, Poole