TODAY is action day for those women born in the 1950s who have lost out on their state pension.

We are trying to reverse the government decision to delay our state pension from age 60 to for example in my case 66.

This effectively means that the income that I was expecting to receive over a six year period is a personal loss of £48,000 approximately. This is daylight robbery!

My husband born in 1953 will receive his pension next year at 65.

He already has his bus pass, something which I presume I will not receive for another couple of years.

This is hugely unfair to us ladies born in the mid-50s. My national insurance contributions accrued sufficient for the full state pension some time ago. My health has been hampered by advanced bowel cancer. I had my five-year cancer free result last year but there is no guarantee that it will not come back. I also suffer from the long term condition fibromyalgia. So not the fittest in my age group and certainly unable to hold down a full time job. I have friends who are in the same position and find it extremely difficult to continue working. This policy has had an extremely detrimental effect on most women of this era. It's very depressing to have the goal posts moved in this way and personally I wonder if I will live long enough to receive this benefit which is rightfully mine.


Hadrian Way, Wimborne