YET another traffic survey near the Tatnam area, why?

Most people living in and around Poole centre with “half an eye” know that we are heading for a massive gridlock.

Instead of having survey teams, the council ought to be trying to find out how to avoid the traffic build up, by doing something about the infrastructure (new roads) to cater for extra population and cars.

Wimborne Road, Longfleet Road, Parkstone Road, Blandford Road were there when we had horses and carts, with nothing to improve the road system since. Yes, the Holes Bay Road helps, but very little.

Numerous flats and dwellings have and are still being built in the town centre, when one thinks at least one car per dwelling is the norm.

The mind boggles, with no thought given to how to relieve the situation, hence we’re heading for gridlock.


St Margaret’s Road, Poole

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