REGARDING the queues ahead of AFC Bournemouth's tie with Brighton on Tuesday, I arrived at the ground 25 minutes before kick-off, which was later than expected due to the taxi arriving late.

I walked past the North Stand to the East Stand turnstiles to be turned around when I got there because the queue for the East Stand was actually at the club shop end of the North Stand.

In actual fact you didn't know if you were in the queue for the North Stand or the East Stand because there was no segregation to tell you and everybody was packed like sardines in a mass.

I gradually got to the East Stand turnstiles.

On my way the chief steward told me that in order to get in for a game at 3pm in future we needed to arrive at 2pm. A police officer informed that the delay was due to security checks. When we arrived at the turnstiles there were only three security staff doing the checks for the whole of the East Stand.

I had my security check and when frisked the gentleman felt a plastic bottle inside my jacket. He asked me if it was a water bottle, I said 'yes' and through I went.

It could have been filled with petrol for all he knew, so that was a waste of time.

The game was already 25 minutes old when we got in and when we went to go our seats they were taken by other people.

I got a steward and showed him my season ticket which was my entry for the game and he asked if I had paid as it was a season ticket. He didn't even know that that was one of the ways to get in.

He then proceeded to move seven people from our seats which took more time and much to the annoyance of people who were trying to watch the game.

From my perspective the turnstiles worked well and were not the problem. My problem was with the amount of staff doing security checks before you could get to them.

AFC Bournemouth knew in advance there was going to be a problem because they sent an email advising everybody of the fact. Knowing that why didn't they have more security staff available to do the checks? Three for the whole of the East Stand was a joke.

They knew it was going to happen and failed to do anything about it. They pride themselves on being a community club, well now is the time to prove it.

At the next home game on the against Leicester I hope they appreciate the problems they have had so far this season and put extra staff in place so the queues no longer exist.


Alderley road, Bournemouth