OUR reputation as a nation of animal lovers has been a proud hallmark of Britain for centuries.

As a county of animal lovers, we thought Dorset residents might be interested in the positive things achieved by being members of the European Union.

The EU Lisbon Treaty stipulates that full regard should be paid to animals’ welfare requirements. This means that EU animal protection laws are frequently stronger than those applied in other parts of the world.

Together with our EU neighbours, we have improved conditions for animals where national governments have failed to act. Crucially, the influence of these improvements has been felt beyond European borders too.

Banning cosmetic animal testing and sales of animal-tested cosmetics, ending the use of great apes in research, improving welfare standards for farm animals, strengthening protections for rare and endangered species and cracking down on the illegal ivory trade are just a few of the things the EU has done for our animals.

We know that there is a desperate need to keep working towards better standards. But Greens also know that we are far better placed to achieve those goals from within the EU.

Our animals need the EU, one reason that Dorset animal lovers need to vote to remain.


South East Dorset Green Party

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