LESS than a week after standing up in Paris and pledging that this country will fully support the Climate Change Agreement, David Cameron votes to allow fracking in our National Parks despite promising prior to the General Election that this would not happen.

Locally, the Dorset MPs – barring Christopher Chope who didn’t vote – voted in favour of the motion.

These are the same MPs that a few months ago were celebrating Amber Rudd’s decision not to allow the Navitus Offshore Windfarm on the grounds that it would negatively impact on the Jurassic Coast.

It would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious.

There is so much evidence to show the serious negative effects of fracking.

It’s unbelievable that this is being considered and could happen in Dorset.

To those people that will now be saying that fracking has been happening in Dorset for years, you are wrong.

There is horizontal drilling and extraction, but this is an entirely different process to that which is now being proposed.

No commercial fracking has yet occurred in this country.

I urge all of those people that have the common sense to know that fracking is not a benign, safe or clean process to write to your MP to express your concerns and ask that this decision is overturned and investment moved to renewables.


Address supplied, Bournemouth

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