I WISH to register my protest against the proposed closure of the present Ensbury Park library on Columbia Road and the relocation to the Bournemouth Learning Centre, at the furthest most point of the Slades Farm area on Ensbury Avenue.

Residents are aware of the amount of money Bournemouth council must find due to the cuts from central government at Westminster.

We understand that the library service must play its part, but the proposed relocation is not the answer.

Ensbury Park library is successful because of its ‘high street’ location. Moving it to a ‘hidden’ location – i.e. a room in a shared education building away from residential areas, shops, bus routes and not within walking distance – will simply make the service given by the existing library impossible.

The proposed plan would not be viable.

The time to stop the community losing its library is now. The council has always been proud of maintaining its libraries and supporting them.

We ask for your support now. Without your commitment to maintaining Ensbury Park library at its present location, we fear greatly for the wellbeing of the library service in this area.

KEITH WATSON Northbourne Avenue, Bournemouth