I APPLAUD your courage in the printing of your front page story in Saturday’s Echo, May 16, showing the sickening, unlawful slaughter of deer in Purbeck recently. You report that dogs were used in the process of this appalling crime.

The Hunting Act was made law in 2005 and made it illegal to hunt wild animals with packs of dogs.

However, David Cameron publicly stated before the recent General Election that if he won the election he would take steps to repeal the Hunting Act.

Wildlife in the countryside must never again have to endure the cruelty of being ripped apart by a pack of dogs in the name of sport. I cannot believe that anyone would want to bring back such wanton cruelty.

I would urge anyone concerned about this to contact their MP to express their views. Find out how to contact your MP by going to the website writetothem.com


Forest Way, Wimborne