May I, through your letters page, say a heartfelt thank you to firstly my GP Dr Morag Livingstone at the Barn Surgery and also Dr Peter O’Kane and his team at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, and Mr Ohri and his cardiac departments at Southampton General Hospital?

All these people spent their time, skill and dedication to give me back my life and enable me, a 77-year-old partially-sighted, diabetic to write this letter today, 11 weeks to the day since I had my triple by-pass.

The absolutely wonderful care, I have received over the year I was being assessed was fantastic, and words cannot sufficiently describe the dedication and first-class treatment given to me by the entire cardiac teams at both Bournemouth and Southampton.

It seems to be so easy to knock the NHS these days, but I am so grateful that these people work day in and day out looking after us so wonderfully.

Ann Calvert, Christchurch