ON February 12 I began a journey by train to Truro, Cornwall. The journey was to take me to a 2pm meeting and then stay overnight with return the next day.

All sounded good and easy on the tickets, but the weather was a surprise to all.

The 8.40am train began on time. First change at Reading to now go to Exeter. The journey began and shortly into our trip came a sudden jolt. Within seconds the announcement came that a tree had fallen on the line. Staff aboard the train had to move the tree and then we had to change trains as our train had been damaged by the tree. This entailed an hour’s wait.

The rest of the journey was extensively delayed. A five-hour journey eventually took 11 hours and involved taxis.

The First Great Western staff then had to arrange journeys involving taxis as I am disabled. This was an extra worry as the rest of the passengers used buses. They dealt with this with consideration and good humour under difficult circumstances. Added to this they provided passengers with free snacks and hot drinks.

So I can only commend the staff of First Great Western for the way they dealt with my horrendous journey. My thanks to all involved and I look forward to more contact with them.

ROSALIND BARTON, Layard Drive, Merley