THE recent wet weather caused landslips along the cliffs between Boscombe and Bournemouth.

This being the case it is imperative that the public are kept away from risky areas along the Eastcliff.

At last year’s air festival a couple of enthusiasts had lodged themselves on a outcrop on the cliffs to secure a good view and camera angle but beyond the fencing.

Council officials, then subsequently police, attended and requested they relocated but they insisted on staying, blatantly ignoring police who quite rightly refused to climb over the fence.

If the area had collapsed it would have caused a disaster that could have been avoided.

Stupidity like this must be punished.

The air festival, wonderful as it is and particularly this year when the Red Arrows will appear daily should be a catalyst for engineers to test the structural integrity of the cliffs to ascertain whether vibration caused by the jets will not set off more slippages.

Mike Roberts-Butler

Dolbery Road, Poole