I am greatly distressed to hear that there are proposals for a large gravel extraction area from Gore Heath to Sherford Bridge along the Morden Road.

This has not been advertised anywhere, I definitely haven’t seen anything in the papers and nor from our councillors or MP. This plot of land is next to our SSI heathland which cannot be disturbed.

The traffic through Sandford Road is to busy now, without further lorries, and if the lorries are sent up Morden Road to the junction of the A31 Bere Road, this is a known black spot which has numerous accidents already, without adding to the burden.

The residents of Forest Edge Road and the newly being built Primary School will have the noise and the carbon emissions and have a huge impact on the selling price of their houses.

This is without thinking of the loss of leisure/recreational land – I have walked and cycled with my family around Lawson Clump Forest for the last 25 years.

If you try and park in the car parks at Lawson Clump or Sheford Bridge, you can see how well used this right of way is, with horse riders, cyclists, hikers, dog walkers, even the local brownie and scout group use this facility for their night hikes and walking badges.

The Foresty Commission have signs up informing dog walkers to keep their dogs on leads for six months a year due to nesting on the ground, yet it is ok for this to be dug up and the area destroyed.

The Dorset County Council web site states we only have until February 13 to make your comments known, and I have been speaking to local families with regards this and no one knew of this.

Readers need to have the chance to oppose this and also ask serious questions from our councillors as to why this has been kept so quiet?

Jacky Noyce Bryn Road, Sandford