LEE Connor (Letters, May 10) is absolutely correct about the badger cull.

This government has spent and wasted £50million of taxpayers’ money on research, the findings of which they are now choosing to deliberately ignore in order to curry favour with their farming supporters, although it has to be noted that a few farmers are not in favour of this cull. Much destruction and cruelty will be caused which could be avoided by a systematic vaccination programme, which is already being trialled in some areas by those who are trying desperately to save the badgers.

Those who oppose this cull should log on to the Network for Animals or League Against Cruel Sports web sites (or both), sign the petition and take the advantage of the given opportunity to protest to the environment secretary, Owen Paterson against this crazy whim.

I believe in divine retribution and so I am certain that this action will not do this arrogant government any good and it will not benefit the farmers. The reward will be some other major agricultural catastrophe arising which will have far reaching consequences and cost this country dearly.

ROBERT TUCK, Pardy’s Hill, Corfe Mullen