MANY local people showed their concern in Swanage on January 13 – RE: proposed Navitus coastal wind farm – Zone seven of the Government’s “Round three” offshore wind power plan.

Coastal turbines are not a free or efficient source of energy. They have to be manufactured, delivered, installed, maintained, repaired and replaced after 15 to 20 years. Sea to land links must be made to onshore stations. We have to pay for conventional power station backup, when the blades don’t work.

Public consultation has changed little so far: 133 to 333 turbines have been modified to 218; maximum height has been reduced from 210m to 200m (658ft).

These giants are big business for ENECO and EDF – making big profits for themselves but a high price for locals. There are plenty of greener options to consider – tidal or wave power, osmosis (sea/fresh water action), water wheels, Archimedes screw... and, reducing our energy usage.

DIANA BUTLER, UKIP Poole & Mid Dorset Secretary, Nightjar Close, Poole