THIS isn’t the first time I’ve written regarding the ongoing debate over wind farms and I suggest that people take the time to re-read my letter of January 24 2011, which is still available on the Echo’s website.

Now, almost two years to the day and despite all the efforts of Navitus to satisfy objectors by shoving it further out to sea, a new bunch of moaners have raised their foresails in protest.

Apparently it would interrupt their weekend pleasure of messing about in boats. Barry Rolfe stated that the visual impact is going to be massive and would also be a hazard as its position is a very big leisure channel.

I noticed that in the photograph of Barry in the Echo, he’s at the helm of a motor boat, with what looks like one of those round things we have in cars for turning to avoid hitting any objects.

So I am presuming that his concerns are for boats of the sailing kind where manoeuvrability is less easy.

However before you start dismissing me as a land lubber and suggesting I walk the plank, I too have a small yacht and up to now, have managed quite easily to avoid hitting small objects, let alone 200m high structures that you could see from the moon and I, like many others, would never venture out in anything other than reasonable weather. Personally, I’m looking forward to the thrilling experience of sailing among them as they are indeed modern industrial things of beauty.

Can I point out that the boating fraternity are a minute fraction of the whole population, whereas the whole population will benefit from these farms? Or would you rather go back to chimneys belching out smoke?

Yes, of course you would, providing it’s not on your doorstep.

TONY ANGELIS, Southbourne Road, Bournemouth