I AM sure Mr Grant (Letters Dec 29) doesn’t need me to remind him that it is for the simple reason that we haven’t got a Conservative government that the ban on hunting with dogs remains as supported overwhelmingly by every survey of the British public.

The Liberal Democrats in coalition and Labour in opposition clearly would outvote the Tories on this issue.

We were told at the time of the Hunting Act that it would lead to rural devastation, the collapse of the rural economy and even the widespread cull of hunting dogs.

None of this has transpired and hunting has actually increased in its popularity – the exact opposite of what was predicted by hunt supporters There can be no doubts that were the Conservatives to ever again win an outright majority in Parliament the Hunting Act would be repealed and fox hunting would return.

Although the British public clearly support the ban on fox hunting everyone can expect local Tory MPs to vote to reinstate it.

CLLR PHILIP EADES, Branksome West Ward, Borough of Poole