EDDIE Howe stressed the importance of securing Cherries’ new multi-million pound training ground and insisted: “It means everything.”

Plans for the club’s new complex were yesterday approved unanimously by BCP Council.

Cherries’ amended proposals were put in front of the planning committee this for the site at the former Canford Magna Golf Club.

The Dorset club bought the site for £3.75 million, with its first application for the new training ground approved in January 2018.

Following council approval, the final stage will see a referral Secretary of State for final approval.

The club have confirmed that existing building structures on the site have been demolished.

Land levelling of the former golf course is due to commence later this month, while all major construction packages are out to tender.

Reacting to the approval, Howe said: “It’s a huge step.

“I have been saying for a long time how important this is for the future of the club, for the next generation of the players, it means everything. Our ability to develop our own players.

“I am really looking forward to hopefully the process starting and very keen to get into the new training ground.

“I know that will be a time away, but we are looking forward to that.”