CHERRIES striker Jermain Defoe has been involved in a "collision" in Scotland this evening, his loan club Rangers have confirmed.

Reports emerged that the 36-year-old had been involved in a three-car crash near the Clyde Tunnel at around 6pm on his way home from this afternoon's contest against Aberdeen at Ibrox, where he scored in a 5-0 win.

In a video posted on the star's Instagram, Defoe said: "Thank you for all your lovely messages. I'm fine, I'm all good.

"I'm just going to go home and rest up. I'm just a little bit in shock but I'm all good."

Rangers have announced that "no-one was seriously injured" in the incident.

Defoe was pictured at the scene and an eyewitness told the Scottish Sun: "Defoe and a lady - who looked like she was his girlfriend - were in the Range Rover.

"The BMW M4 sports car was travelling south. It appeared somehow to go through the central reservation and clipped Defoe's car.

"It was absolutely shocking to see. A really awful smash. I thought, 'oh no - someone is bound to be badly hurt here'.

He added: "Defoe seemed ok. He was a bit dazed looking. There was no blood. He seemed a lot more concerned for the woman he was with.

"She seemed hurt. She was complaining because both airbags in Defoe's car had gone off. She was complaining of a sore hip too which might have been from the seatbelt pre-tensioners.

"He was a real gent though and only concerned for others around him.

"The area was soon swarming with police and ambulance types.

"But, looking at it, it's a miracle everyone walked away unharmed to be honest."

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Police were called to reports of a three-car road traffic collision along Balshagray Avenue at 6.05pm.

“Officers remain on the scene. There are no injuries.”