EDDIE Howe believes he and his team are in the business of managing expectations midway through Cherries' third Premier League campaign.

Cherries finished a club-record ninth in the standings last season but are now in the midst of a relegation battle, with a home fixture against Arsenal next up on Sunday (1.30pm).

Boss Howe said: "In our first season in the Premier League, we got severe lessons in certain games and it was met with applause for just being there and participating in the game.

"In the second season, the demands grew and in the third season, they have grown again.

"That's the big change and from this side, we have to try to manage people's expectations and get everyone to unite behind the team, and go back to basics where every point is a point gained.

"Every win should be cherished because we are not going to be given anything at this level, it has to be earned.

"We have to fight tooth and nail to stay in the division."

Cherries have won once in the Premier League since mid-November and Howe said his determination to retain top-flight status had only grown stronger.

He added: "The bigger the challenge, the bigger the response you get from me internally. That's how I've always faced everything and adversity can be a real asset for you, it can be galvanising.

"That has always been my mindset in difficult moments but that's where you really have to grow and show your strength."