PIRATES star Chris Holder threatened to chain himself to the Wimborne Road starting gate if he isn’t reunited with his turbo twin Darcy Ward in the skull and crossbones kevlars for 2012.

But if that’s not enough to keep one of the greatest double acts in speedway’s recent history together, the sport’s powerbrokers should hang their heads in shame.

Holder and Ward, led Poole to Knockout Cup glory last night and secured a team treble for the club, adding to their Elite League Pairs trophy and the ultimate speedway prize – the Elite League Championship, secured with an equally emphatic triumph against nearest rivals Eastbourne Eagles just over a week ago.

Pirates polished off an unforgettable Elite League and cup double with a stunning 57-39 triumph over Belle Vue at Wimborne Road, which handed them an emphatic 102-86 aggregate win.

But as the champagne sinks into the Poole shale after another trophy-laden campaign, the locals will already be pondering what the winter holds; a winter which threatens to tear the sport apart again.

There’s no doubt rival promoters will use every trick in the book to split up the best double team speedway has produced since American legends Greg Hancock and Billy Hamill.

And you can see why after Holder racked up a 13 paid 15-point maximum and Ward tallied 12 paid 14 as they collected Knockout Cup winners’ trophies for the second year running.

They sealed the cup by leaving Rory Schlein and Chris Harris eating their dust for a 5-1 in heat 13.

This was before they repeated the trick in race 15, and completed their night’s work with an exhibition of wheelies, donuts and champagne spraying on the Wimborne Road rostrum.

Holder set the tone for the meeting by powering from the tapes to win heat one, while Super Swede Dennis Andersson held off new Elite League Riders champion Rory Schlein for second spot.

This 5-1 wiped out the slender two-point aggregate advantage Aces held from their 47-45 win in the first leg at Kirkmanshulme Lane on Wednesday night and put Pirates two up.

But Belle Vue levelled the overall scores with a 4-2 from Swedish duo Ricky Kling and Linus Eklof in the reserve race.

The final didn’t stay on a knife-edge for long, though, as Pirates’ Swede Dennis Andersson shepherded injured skipper Davey Watt around for a 5-1 over Aces’ Charlie Gjedde and Patrick Hougaard in heat three.

Ward then led Pirates guest Ricky Wells to another maximum over Chris Harris and Eklof in race four to put Poole 10 up on the night.

Aces responded by tracking Schlein as a tactical rider in heat five. He tore around the outside of Watt on turn four and cruised to a cool six-pointer.

Andersson and Holder took heat six 5-1 after Harris lifted violently and crashed in the first attempt.

Wolbert was the next man into the fence in heat seven. The action was halted with Ward and the German trailing Hougaard and Gjedde.

But the Aussie took full advantage, thundering under Gjedde on lap two, turn two to win the re-run.

Andersson led Wells to a 4-2 in heat eight, before Harris responded with a tactical win over Wolbert, which inspired Aces to a 7-2 in heat nine.

Holder made a majestic swoop around the boards turn one to win heat 10 ahead of team-mate Andersson for a 5-1.

Wolbert and Ward filled the minor places behind Schlein in race 11, before Watt powered to victory in heat 12.

This left Ward and Holder to steal the show in the closing stages and set a challenge to the BSPA – split us if you dare!

Pirates 57: 1 Chris Holder (3-2*-3-2*-3) 13+2, 2 Dennis Andersson (2*-3-3-3-2*) 13+2, 3 Davey Watt (2*-2-0-3) 7+1, 4 Rider Replacement for Thomas H Jonasson, 5 Darcy Ward (3-3-1*-3-2*) 12+2, 6 Kevin Wolbert (2-1*-fell exc-2-2-2) 9+1, 7 Ricky Wells (guest) (0-2*-1-0-0) 3+1.

Team Manager: Neil Middleditch.

Belle Vue 39: 1 Rory Schlein (1-6^-3-1-0) 11, 2 Craig Cook (0-0-0) 0, 3 Patrick Hougaard (0-1*-1-2) 4+1, 4 Charlie Gjedde (1-2-0-3) 6, 5 Chris Harris (1-fell exc-6^-0-1) 8, 6 Ricky Kling (3-1-1-ret) 5, 7 Linus Eklof (guest) (1-0-2-1*-1) 5+1.

Team Manager: Jim Lynch.

Referee: Dale Entwistle.

Ht 1: Holder, Andersson, Schlein, Cook, 58.88 (5-1).

Ht 2: Kling, Wolbert, Eklof, Wells, 60.91 (7-5).

Ht 3: Andersson, Watt, Gjedde, Hougaard, 60.16 (12-6).

Ht 4: Ward, Wells, Harris, Eklof, 60.57 (17-7).

Ht 5: Schlein (tactical ride, double points), Watt, Wolbert, Cook, 59.40 (20-13).

Ht 6: (re-run) Andersson, Holder, Kling, Harris (fell excluded), 59.96 (25-14).

Ht 7: (re-run) Ward, Gjedde, Hougaard, Wolbert (fell excluded), 60.55 (28-17).

Ht 8: (re-run) Andersson, Eklof, Wells, Cook, 60.47 (32-19).

Ht 9: Harris (tactical ride, double points), Wolbert, Kling, Watt, 60.10 (34-26).

Ht 10: Holder, Andersson, Hougaard, Gjedde, 60.00 (39-27).

Ht 11: Schlein, Wolbert, Ward, Kling (ret), 60.09.

Ht 12: Watt, Hougaard, Eklof, Wells, 60.97 (45-33).

Ht 13: Ward, Holder, Schlein, Harris, 60.19 (50-34).

Ht 14: Gjedde, Wolbert, Eklof, Wells, 61.41 (52-38).

Ht 15: Holder, Ward, Harris, Schlein, 60.56 (57-39).