DAVEY Watt has been quick to jump to Rafal Dobrucki’s defence over claims from some Pirates supporters that the Pole never wanted to ride for the club.

Dobrucki has lost his Poole Castle Cover team berth after promoter Matt Ford labelled the Pole’s position “untenable.”

The 34-year-old rider is one of the leading figures in Polish speedway fighting against the introduction of new silencers, which have been brought into the shale sport this season by the FIM, world speedway’s governing body.

And the personal stance has cost Dobrucki his Pirates place, with Ford re-declaring his side with Jason Doyle effectively replacing the Pole and injured Darcy Ward back in their one-to-seven.

Pirates skipper Watt, speaking ahead of the Dorset club’s Elite League opener at Birmingham tonight (MONDAY, 7.30pm), said: “Rafal wanted to ride for Poole at the same time he wanted to get the silencers rule changed in Poland.

“Now that’s created a lot of hassle for people.

“Rafal has found himself in a position that’s not very favourable, but I know he’s gutted he can’t ride for Poole.

“I spoke to him quite a while before our team was changed and we were talking about flights to Birmingham.

“He was determined all this (the silencers issues) would be sorted out so he could ride for us.

“It’s unfortunate he’s not been able to appear for Poole, but anyone thinking he wasn’t interested in riding here is a long way off the mark.

“For Rafal to drive all the way from Poland for one afternoon’s press day at Poole shows his commitment to us.

“He wouldn’t have left all his equipment here, bikes and stuff, for no reason, which he’s now got to get back to Poland.

“It’s quite a messy situation, but I know he had full intentions to ride for Poole. It’s just the silencers row has reared its head at the wrong time.

“Rafal would have done a great job in our team and now we have Doyley, he will do a great job for us.

“Jason’s the ideal man to come in. He showed that at Eastbourne and Poole against Eagles last week.

“It means the majority of last year’s side are back, so we’ve got such great team spirit already here.

“Doyley’s probably riding the best I’ve ever seen him. He’s fit, healthy and wants to race for Poole.

“That can only be good for us.”

Brummies: (probable) Kasprzak, A Dryml, Barker, King, Nermark, Pijper, Wright.

Pirates: Holder, Watt, R/r for Ward, Gafurov, Doyle, Newman, Andersson.