ANGLERS heading afloat with the Poole Charter Fleet continue to find some excellent cod with a number landing fish that beat their personal best including Sean Day when he went afloat on ‘Rocket’ skippered by Trevor Small.

Using a large cuttle bait, presented on a pennel rig, while targeting a mark in Poole Bay the Christchurch-based angler heaved a beauty over the gunnels which thumped the scales down to 17lb.

Pout, rockling and whiting supplied limited action during the Christchurch Angling Centre open shore competition fished between Avon Beach and Highcliffe Castle where Michael Dawkins recorded the night’s heaviest fish, an 11oz whiting.

Results: 1 Paul Johnson 1-12.5, 2 Michael Dawkins 1-9.5, 3 Lee Roberts 1-5, 4 Pete Chamberlain 1-4, 5 Glenn Short 1-3.

<•>The crew at Christchurch Angling Centre will be staging another open shore competition on January 7 which will be fished within Poole Harbour from 7.30pm to 10.30pm with registration taking place along the Evening Hill section between 6.15pm and 6.45pm. It will be fished to traditional size limits.

<•>The penultimate round of the Southern Premier League was held at Highcliffe where 51 of the 54 competitors returned fish to the scales.

The catch comprised of six bass, one flounder, 62 pout, 34 rockling, 15 silver eels and 23 whiting along with 162 undersize fish which were all awarded one ounce and returned to the water at the point of capture.

The night’s heaviest fish was a 4-0.25 bass bagged by Mike Brown.

Results – A zone: 1 Rob Marshall 4-5.75, 2 Steve Harder 2-5.75, 3 Peter Cracknell 1-14.25, 4 Paul Stevens 1-4.25. B zone: 1 Richard Dorgan 5-6, 2 Mike Brown 5-3.75, 3 John Brown 2-0.75, 4 Nick Pateman 1-8.75. C zone: 1 Mike Perfect 3-8.5, 2 Joe Arch 2-11.75, 3 Colin Carey 2-8.75, 4 Ryan Ruff 2-6.

The final match in the series will be held at Lee-on-Solent tonight with fishing from 4pm to 9pm, the overall leader table remains very tight with Joe Arch now having the edge. <•>Competitors sampled some superb action during the penultimate round of the Chesil/Samalite League which was held at Abbotsbury where England international Ian Golds won the match and B zone with 100 fish together weighing 42-14.

Joe Arch came second in the section with 36-3 followed by Malcolm Stote from Lymington with 35-3.

John Brown from Southampton stamped his authority on A section after taking 74 fish weighing 33-14, followed by Andrew Dawkins 32-12 and Rob Remnant 28-15.

<•>The annual one flounder shore competition, which is traditionally the curtain raiser of the new season, has been set for January 9 with fishing around the Lymington & Pennington Sea wall from 11am to 3.30pm.

The event, which will be organised by the Lymington Club, has a £300 top prize along with a good size prize table.

<•>The final round of the Rovers Tackle midweek pegged measure-and-return series was held at Stokes Bay where whiting, pout and bass supplied the action.

The total length section was won by Ian Golds with 155cm followed by John Brown 148cm and Steve Deathe 147cm.

The longest fish section was won by Tony Methven with a 33cm whiting followed by Dave Edwards with a 30cm whiting and Dan Mogridge with a 28cm bass.

The first match in the new peg-ged open series will be held on Thursday January 20 at Stokes Bay with fishing from 8pm to 11.30pm.