IT looks like Pirates will be lining up in the Elite League again next year after club owner Matt Ford admitted in his programme notes tonight that he felt he had unfinished business to attend too in 2010.

Ford also revealed he was in talks with his Poole Stadium landlords to see if they can come to a "financially viable package" to continue running the Bournemouth team into a second season.

Earlier this year, Ford intimated he might drop Pirates out of the top flight following arguments with promoters of other clubs over the rules, which came after the Dorset team were cleared of alleged race fixing in a bid to drop rider averages by an official Speedway Control Bureau investigation.

Ford had also said earlier this month he wasn’t sure whether he would continue running Poole’s nursery side Bournemouth in the third tier because of falling crowds.

But Ford wrote in tonight’s meeting programme for Buccaneers and Plymouth: "We’re (Pirates) going to be back bolder and better into a new decade in 2010."

Ford pointed out that since he took over the club with Mike Golding in 1999, they had won nine of the 32-major trophies available to Elite clubs.

He added: "I’m proud of every one we have won, but the 10th trophy is where my sights are set.

"I believe your Poole Castle Cover Pirates will be back up there again as serious contenders (in 2010)."