A TEENAGER who only took up boxing four years ago will be taking to the ring in the English championship quarterfinals today.

Sonny Lindsay has ‘always dreamt of being a world champion’.

The 15-year-old, whose inspiration is homegrown talent Chris Billam-Smith, took the title of Western Counties Junior Development 60kg in Bath at the end of September.

This afternoon he will be facing off against a Home Counties opponent at Two Riversmeet in Christchurch.

The Year 11 pupil from Poole represents Parkstone Amateur Boxing Club and has trained with them since he took up the gruelling sport.

It will be the second time he enters a regional competition, and it gives him a shot at the semifinals later in the year.

Sonny said: “I love the thrill of it. It gives me a rush that I’ve never felt before. If I mess up, then it’s my fault but if I win then it’s also just down to me.

“I’ve always dreamt of being a world champion.”

The dedicated teenager goes running at 6am and trains three times a week in the gym.

Bournemouth Echo: Dan Scott, Sonny Lindsay and Patrick Lindsay Dan Scott, Sonny Lindsay and Patrick Lindsay (Image: Daily Echo)

Sonny added: “They can be long, tiring days but it’s discipline.”

He thinks of his opponent and their determination whenever he feels demotivated and that spurs him on to persevere.

He added: “I think that people need to realise that boxing is a completely different type of sport to ‘fighting’. In boxing, you have to learn the basics to proceed to get better.

“You can’t just swing your hands out or hope to be the best.”

Sonny’s inspiration is Chris Billam-Smith as he’s watched him rise through the ranks after boxing for Poole ABC at the level Sonny is now.

Sonny’s mum, Alyson Lindsay said: “Often we tell him, ‘how far you’ve gotten at the moment is not something you can buy, it’s not something we can make you do.’ It’s not an easy watch for us as parents. It’s something we support our son to do.”

Alyson can see ‘there’s no bad blood but a mutual respect’ between Sonny and his past opponents – they have ‘really positive interactions’.

Kevin Thorniley, head coach and director at Parkstone ABC, said Sonny is an ‘absolute credit to the club’ and he sets the standard for all other junior boxers to follow.

He added: “He’s a pleasure to coach.

“With his attributes, he can go on and achieve much more in years to come.”