LIFELONG Pirates fan Jordan Frampton says he fully understands why he might have to make way if a more experienced number eight takes his place.

The Poole-born rider, who will be 23 on March 8, will race regularly for Somerset in the Premier League this year.

But he has also been called up on a 3.00 point average as the Dorset club's number eight to cover for absent reserves and injuries.

Pirates chief Matt Ford, however, has told Frampton he will be looking to replace him if Zibi Suchecki and Freddie Eriksson considerably up their averages.

Frampton, who has only made one Elite League appearance, as a guest for Poole at Eastbourne last year, said: "You would rather know you are riding for the whole season, but I fully understand what Matt is saying.

"If he can get someone with a higher average then he has to do that in the best interests of the club.

"He can't risk going with an inexperienced rider like me when he has a better option.

"That said, I feel after my experience at Eastbourne, albeit it on a tight track, I can do okay, particularly as I feel the Elite is fairly filtered down compared to what it has been in the last two or three years.

"It's definitely a bit weaker."

Frampton, who scored paid four in Poole's 53-37 defeat at Arlington in September, added: "Number eight is a mixed one really.

"You're depending on someone getting injured, which isn't very nice, and you are only really covering for the reserves.

"The probability is you won't get a ride, but just to be involved with Poole and getting extra practice with their riders is really good.

"It's all good experience for me which is what I need. I'm confident and have a good set-up this year.

"I've done a lot of organising in getting my machinery ready for this season.

"I'm always working to give it 100 per cent, particularly when you riding for your hometown club, who you've supported since your birth.

"I'm really pleased to be associated with Poole in some sense."

Blandford-based Ritchie Hawkins, Frampton's injured Somerset team-mate, was Poole's number eight last year, although he only got called up once, failing to score in a 47-45 defeat at Wolves in August.

Hawkins, 24, is currently recovering from horrific injuries sustained in a spill during an indoor meeting in Germany which has sidelined him for the rest of 2008.

Frampton and ex-Weymouth rider Chris Courage are undertaking a 90-mile sponsored cycle from Poole Stadium to Somerset's track today.

All money raised will go to Hawkins. To pledge a donation, send your name, address and phone number to