CHERRIES will take the knee ahead of kick-off on the agreed days between Premier League captains this season, the Daily Echo understands.

Premier League players will no longer take the knee ahead of every match, but remain committed to fighting racism and all forms of discrimination.

The gesture, which started in June 2020 in solidarity for the Black Lives Matter campaign, will now be used in specific moments throughout the forthcoming season, in order to “amplify the message that racism has no place in football or society”.

Cherries had announced they would stop taking the knee in February 2021. Then part of skipper Steve Cook’s statement said: "Fighting all forms of discrimination and creating an equal, inclusive society is something that we feel very passionately about.

"But that is defined by much more than a gesture, which we feel has run its course and is no longer having the effect it first did eight months ago”

But Premier League captains, including Lloyd Kelly, collectively agreed to perform the act ahead of this weekend’s opening round of games, dedicated ‘No Room for Racism’ matches in October and March, on Boxing Day, the final round of the season and the FA Cup and Carabao Cup finals.

The Daily Echo understands there was a consensus among players and Cherries were happy to take the knee as a collective action on those selected days, as the best way to make an impact in the fight against racism.

The Premier League captains, who met last week, said in a joint statement: “We have decided to select significant moments to take the knee during the season to highlight our unity against all forms of racism and in so doing we continue to show solidarity for a common cause.

“We remain resolutely committed to eradicate racial prejudice, and to bring about an inclusive society with respect and equal opportunities for all.”

Up to £238,000 will also be donated to designated youth clubs on behalf of the captains following money raised from the ‘No Room For Racism’ sleeve badges sold on club shirts last season, with the Premier League matching the figure.