IT HAS been a good weekend for the Bevan family, with brothers Owen and Taylor both making firsts in their respective sports.

Elder sibling Taylor, a boxer, made a winning debut at the Commonwealth Games on Friday, whilst Owen, a youngster at Cherries, got his first taste of first-team action during the pre-season friendly with Real Sociedad on Saturday.

Both raised in Fair Oak in Hampshire, the pair represent Wales on the international stage, qualifying through their mother.

Taylor is currently flying the flag for Wales in Birmingham, boxing in the light heavyweight competition, with Owen a Welsh under-19 international.

Speaking to the Daily Echo about the journeys he and his brother have taken, Taylor told the Daily Echo: “It's quite rare to have two siblings in two different sports.

“You often get two in the same sport. Dad has really supported both of us massively over the years I don't think we'd be in a position we are now without him.

"I think both of us together, it’s something really special what we're doing.”

Despite each brother being talented in their own fields, it turns out neither is a natural in the other’s sport.

“I used to play football when I was younger but I never really did both at the same time,” mentioned the 21-year-old.

“I used to do some boxing and football, but I had a lot more of an interest in boxing than I did football.

“That’s something I pursued, whilst Owen, he’s done bits of boxing training before, but he’s never really been interested in it.”

It is a family affair for Taylor, with his father Lester serving as his coach throughout his career so far.

Even though Taylor now splits his time between Cardiff and home, his father is still always on hand to help his progress.

Taylor continued: “Yeah, my dad used to box when he was about, think 15 when he was boxing.

“And then when I started boxing again, he got into coaching and also he had a few fights as well. He had three fights when I started boxing. We actually boxed on the same show once - I won and he lost.

“He got into coaching when I started boxing.

“I do a lot of training with him. I was training a lot more with him before I got on to a full-time program.

“But even now I'm in Cardiff Monday to Thursday, and then at the weekend I'll come home and do training with him.

“Maybe on a Friday or Saturday. So we're quite close and he still supports me with a lot of my training.”

Taylor fights again this evening, taking on Samoa's Jancen Poutoa in the Round of 16.