RYAN Christie revealed Scott Parker has developed "new strategies" and "new tactics" to ensure Cherries can compete in the Premier League this season.

Christie is set for his first taste of top-flight action in England, following his arrival from Celtic last summer.

He helped Cherries clinch promotion into the Premier League, providing three goals and eight assists in his 38 Championship appearances.

For Parker, it will be a second crack at having a full season managing at England's elite level, after suffering relegation with Fulham in the 2020-21 campaign.

Asked how he feels about many pundits and bookmakers writing off Cherries' chances of staying up this season, Christie told talkSPORT: "To be honest, I don't think we've taken any attention to that.

"We kind of keep ourselves to ourselves. We know the hard work we've put in behind closed doors.

"The manager and the coaching staff we've got here, we saw it last season how prepared we are on the pitch, off the pitch, tactically.

"They've had the experience of being in this league before and they are trying to pass it onto us.

"Obviously we've got a good few players that have been in the league before, so it's not like we're completely new to it. I think if we keep to ourselves and keep working hard, we'll be fine."

Discussing working under Parker, Christie added: "I don't have a bad word to say in terms of last season I was very lucky to play almost every game under him and the structure was perfect.

"We got what we wanted to do last season. Then obviously coming in now to pre-season, straightaway from day one you saw his mentality and how he wanted us to go into this season and the work they had put in in the off-season to come up with new tactics, new strategies.

"He's told us and we're not daft, we know it's going to be very different.

"You go from dominating most of the games in the Championship last season, we're not naive enough to think we're going to do that again in the Premier League.

"There's parts of our game that need to change and to be fair there's probably no better manager out there to be leading that line for us to do just that."

He added: "When we look back at last season, we realise the work and the detail that him and his staff put in to coaching every day and when they do that, that pays off.

"So it puts the onus on us to keep listening to them, to keep going with their instruction and if you do that, it gets success. Everybody is obviously right behind him."

Cherries begin their Premier League campaign at home against Aston Villa on Saturday, August 6.

"The excitement started when those fixtures came out, that was the first look at it you got," said Christie.

"I think ever since we've come back in, we've been gearing up to that first game against Villa and everyone is looking forward to it.

"We know the hard work we have to put in now if we want to be successful this season. We'll be raring to go when the first game of the season comes.

"The main career goal I had was I wanted to play in the Premier League, but I wanted to do it in the right way and not only play, but be successful in the Premier League and hopefully stay in the Premier League.

"Obviously it was a great season last year in the Championship.

"We did what we wanted to do and got promotion, but now it's about kicking on from that and really pushing on again and not just sitting back on that.

"Myself personally, but obviously the whole squad is desperate to do that and prove a point that that's where we belong."