AUSSIE charger Ben Cook vowed Pirates would “regroup” after their shock 47-43 home defeat to Leicester Lions on Wednesday.

The Dorset club’s 1,008-day unbeaten run at Wimborne Road came to an end – the first time Poole had lost on their own shale since dropping down into the Championship.

Speaking on the centre green post-meeting, Cook said: “Nothing exactly went wrong I’d say. I think it was just one of those nights.

“It just wasn’t in the right spot coming out of the first corner and it’s hard to do a lot every single time when you are chasing.

“We just want to ride again now when you get a loss but we will regroup, come back and get a win."

Cook himself totalled five paid six from his four outings – with a heat win coming in the penultimate race of the night.

“I made a few changes for the last one and it was definitely better – but it’s hard when you are trying to change the setup all night and it works in your last one.

“The track was fine, it was good. It was probably just a little bit different to what we normally have.

“You can’t win them all at home, it sucks but one down and we will be back next week.”

Fellow Poole racer Zach Cook said: "It’s the first time to experience this at home but the winning streak we had wasn’t going to last forever.

“We will keep our heads up, move on, and just forget about this one. I started off pretty good and fell away a bit towards the last couple."

Pirates’ next test comes on the road against Scunthorpe on Friday, June 17.