DANNY Ford expressed his sympathy for the "really worrying situation" regarding the future of Edinburgh Monarchs, adding: "Everyone in British speedway is behind them."

Monarchs announced last week they would be leaving their home at Armadale Stadium after 26 years, having been officially served an eviction notice by the venue's landlords.

The West Lothian venue will close in October, with the search now on for a new home for the Monarchs.

The club's chairman Alex Harkess said: "Armadale Stadium has been a happy place for the club over what has been very many years. We are thankful to have had it as our home and will be sad to see it go, but we must now look to the future and that is exciting.

"There is life beyond Armadale Stadium for the Monarchs.

"For the remainder of this season, the team has a job to do."

The next leg in their Championship season takes them to Wimborne Road tomorrow evening (7.30pm), another venue which has seen plenty of speculation regarding its long-term future.

Discussing Edinburgh being forced out of Armadale, ahead of them heading to the south coast tomorrow, Pirates promoter Ford told the Daily Echo: "It’s a really, really worrying situation for them.

"But I know they’ve got a really good promotion and huge fanbase behind them, so I’m sure that they’ll get positive news very soon.

"Everyone in British speedway is behind them because they’re a great club and very professionally run. Hopefully they can get something sorted in due course."

Discussing fan concerns regarding the future of Poole Stadium, Ford added: "Obviously it’s very difficult, every stadium is looked at as prime housing these days, isn’t it?

"Poole is no different.

"Nothing to report on any news on that from the Poole side of things.

"Everything is very much as I reported it last time. So nothing to report on that and if there is any developments, then we’ll keep everyone updated."

Tomorrow will mark Pirates' first home meeting since May 11, following a string of away fixtures, as well as one meeting at Wimborne Road being called off due to the weather.

And Ford hopes for a bumper crowd with schools out for half term.

"Certainly on the road we’ve picked up some really good form and some fantastic results," he said.

"Hopefully now we can get a few more home meetings under our belt.

"That’s the most important thing, building that home strength. Wimborne Road has been an absolute fortress for us for the past few years, so important we get those home meetings underway and they’re coming in thick and fast throughout the summer.

"It’s been a while. So much needed and we’ve got a good run of home fixtures coming up and that will hopefully see us in good stead going into the tail-end of the season.

"Obviously Poole is a holiday destination, that’s how we always build our fixture list.

"We always look for the holidays – summer holidays, half terms and try to put as many fixtures in those as possible.

"So hopefully the weather is on our side tomorrow and we put on a good night of racing."

Poole are unbeaten in 22 home meetings, stretching way back to September 2019.

Pirates boast their full one-to-seven, but Edinburgh have some team issues. Providing they come through further unscathed from their meeting at Plymouth Gladiators tonight, Edinburgh will run with just six riders, including guest Jason Edwards, with Lasse Fredriksen and James Sarjeant are ruled out injured.

Pirates: Danny King, Zach Cook, Steve Worrall, Ben Cook, Richard Lawson, Drew Kemp, Nathan Ablitt.

Edinburgh: Sam Masters, rider replacement for Lasse Fredriksen, Kye Thomson, Paco Castagna, Josh Pickering, Jacob Hook, Jason Edwards (guest).