EXPERIENCED Steve Worrall believes young gun Drew Kemp will be in a “happy place” to go out and score points for Poole this season.

Kemp has proved a trump card for Pirates at reserve so far this campaign, averaging 6.67 from seven league meetings, with 10 race victories to his name.

The 19-year-old missed Friday’s 45-45 draw at Glasgow after being on international duty, but is set to return to the Poole line-up for Wednesday’s clash at Birmingham.

After helping Team GB under-23s to a European semi-final victory in the Czech Republic, with eight points from five rides over the weekend, part of a post on Kemp’s Twitter page read: “Making it far too hard for myself recently.”

But Worrall, who also rides in the Premiership with Kemp at Wolves, believes the three-time British under-19 champion has more ability than he thinks, and is willing to help him fulfil it.

Asked before the start of the season how much ability Kemp had, Worrall told the Daily Echo: “I think more than he thinks. He’s like a mental rider. I think he’s got to be in the right place at the right time and everything has got to be working right.

“But with someone as inexperienced as he is, from my personal opinion, he finds it hard to in the middle of a meeting to flick the switch and turn it around.

“That’s where experience comes in and also a good working relationship with all your teammates.

“I’d like to think I can help. I don’t claim to know everything but I’ve learned a lot and I’m a very much a hands-on person myself when it comes to myself and the bikes and setting everything up.

“With my years of motocross and everything else I have quite a good feel, knowledge and understanding of how it all works and how it should be.

“Hopefully I can watch him, watch the others and try to point them in the right direction with certain little bits.”

He added: “There’s a lot of pressure. I didn’t realise he was only 19, I thought he was a bit older.

“For us to get the most out of him I think he needs to be in a happy place and here he will be. He will be appreciated and hopefully he will go out there and score a hatful.”