STEVE Worrall believes there is still a score to be settled between Pirates and Glasgow after they were left to battle out a 45-45 SGB Championship draw.

Worrall himself totalled 11+1 from five rides in Scotland, having finished third in the last-heat decider at Ashfield.

Tigers number one Craig Cook produced an impressive final-heat pass to take the chequered flag for a 3-3 and ensure the contest finished level overall.

Pirates had trailed by six points after seven heats away from home but battled back to lead by six with three heats remaining.

But after that advantage was swallowed up, Worrall was left to reflect on what might have been.

He said: “It would have been nice to come away with a win but a draw, you can kind of take it.

“But when you are so close to a win it’s a bit… from a neutral type of view it’s nice.

“Both teams get points out of it and I guess the score of who’s the better team hasn’t been settled yet has it? Because it’s still a draw.”

Poole were without trump card Drew Kemp at reserve after he was called up for Great Britain duty, meaning Dillon Ruml came in at number six as a guest.

Only five Poole riders troubled the scorers on the night, however, with Nathan Ablitt and Ben Cook failing to record a point for the visitors.

“I don’t feel like we’ve fully reached our full potential yet either,” said Worrall. “As a top-five we are all riding really well. Drew is brilliant but we’ve got to get Nathan going.

“I believe once we do get him going, there’s a few points to be added on to the scorecard at the end of the night which will just push us that little bit further up.

“Ben had an off night and struggled a little bit. It seems we can carry someone like that. We need Nathan scoring more points.

“At the top end of the team we can carry someone but obviously, when it comes down to crunch time, we don’t want to be carrying anyone to make sure we win.

“If this was a play-off meeting, we don’t want to be walking away with a draw. We’d want an advantage.

“All in all, a good night, a good performance from everyone and both teams go away happy.”