BLACKBURN Rovers boss Tony Mowbray admits Joe Rothwell has "expressed a desire" to talk to other clubs, amid reported interest from Cherries.

Rothwell was left out of Blackburn's 0-0 draw at Luton Town this afternoon.

Speaking earlier this week, Mowbray insisted: "Him moving to Bournemouth is not going to happen."

However, when asked about the 27-year-old's absence for the trip to the Hatters, Mowbray opened the door to a potential exit of the midfielder.

In quotes reported by the Lancashire Telegraph, Mowbray: “I was a footballer for over 20 years and I only moved twice in my career.

“They can mess your brain about a little bit and he’s seen all the speculation, who’s to say he’s not spoken to a manager who’s promised him this and that. His agent will definitely know what a deal would be.

“At this moment, I’ve had long chats with Joe.

“It was a dual decision. If a kid is struggling and there’s a potential deal that could change the rest of his life and he wants to see.

“I don’t him want him on this pitch if we’re having to fight for our lives and I sit there and question him.

“I didn’t want to do that so we left him at home.

“Once the window closes, it will be a different conversation and if he’s still here then I will expect and his teammates will expect 100 per cent every single game.”

Asked if Rothwell had expressed an interest to leave Blackburn before Monday's 11pm deadline, Mowbray added: “He’s expressed a desire to have the conversation with them.

“I know the way football works, not him, but his advisors will have definitely had the conversation already.

“He’s just playing the game.

“I understand, I wouldn’t criticise, I wouldn’t want our supporters coming down on the wrong side of him of Joe Rothwell, it’s football.

“I ultimately make the decision, I could have told him he’s coming on the bus but I told him to stay at home, get today out of the way and then we’ll talk again and see.

“On Tuesday, let’s see.

“I’ve talked through the scenario. The owners are pretty adamant that Joe Rothwell isn’t getting sold. The slight grey area is that we could add two 23 or 24-year-old players who were two really talented players in this league, why wouldn’t we do it now?

“Why would we not use the Rothwell money for two 23-year-old footballers who are really good and give them five-year contracts and you’re making the squad better, in place of a lad who wants to go somewhere else.

“But at the same time I understand it’s difficult for the owners to accept money for one of our better players while we’re doing so well.”

Earlier this week, Mowbray confirmed Blackburn had rejected bids from Cherries for Rothwell in this transfer window.