TOM Killick is looking forward to seeing what new loanee Jack Veale can do – especially since fellow loan midfielder Teddy Davey will miss the next month after picking up an injury.

Veale’s loan officially begins today, with the Exeter youngster joining Dolphins after a six-month spell with Southern League rivals Taunton Town. The six-month timeframe for that deal was agreed in advance, meaning that Veale was committed to the Peacocks despite very little game time.

Perhaps wary of being burnt twice, Exeter have agreed to an initial one month loan deal – with Poole’s manager believing the decision is best for both parties.

Killick told the Daily Echo: “I think always with loans it is good to do it for a month initially on both sides.

“You don’t want someone to come in and he's not particularly happy, he’s not enjoying himself and he's stuck, and from our point of view, we want to know that it works well with us.

“So I think it's always sensible with these loans to start them off for a month, just to feel things out like we did in a way with Teddy (Davey).”

Teddy Davey’s loan spell had also been extended at the start of the month, but Killick revealed that the Saints academy player would be unavailable for the foreseeable future.

“I'm very pleased that we were able to bring Jack in, because speaking of Teddy, unfortunately, he's going to be out for at least a month.

“He got injured in training, so sort of gain one, we lose one – sums things up for us, really, but in a way it makes it even more important that we have been able to bring him in.”

Poole remain active on the loan market, with the Daily Echo understanding that the touted move for a striker from a National North club is close to completion.

“Hopefully we might be to get someone else in between now and Saturday,” continued Killick.

“There’s a couple of things that are going on, but we'll have to see.”