BOSS Tom Killick is not relying on previously earnt goodwill as he aims to steer his Dolphins side back into the Southern League Premier South play-offs with a win away at Taunton Town tomorrow (3pm).

With just one win in Poole’s last six league games, Dolphins have dropped out of the play-offs – leaving some sections of Poole’s support questioning their side’s ability to push for promotion.

Killick has seen his side become a perennial promotion candidate over the 17 years he has led Poole, but he told the Daily Echo he expects no leeway despite his strong track record.

When asked if he felt expectations were too high surrounding his side, Killick responded: “I think that would apply at any club. Isn’t that almost the nature of the beast, in terms of what you are dealing with society in terms of football?

“It’s a ridiculous example, but if you look at someone like Arsene Wenger and what he did for that club, and at the end what he was subjected to, I just felt it was fairly unpleasant and distasteful.

“I just feel that it is across the board. If Taunton lost 4-1 and then 4-0, you’d think the supporters would be critical. I think the fact I’ve been here 17 years doesn’t matter – it’s about the here and now.

“Supporters, understandably, want to see us do really well. Recently we have been at an unacceptable level. If they want to moan, they can moan. It doesn’t surprise me – it disappoints me a little bit, but not because it’s Poole – but because that is how people are.

“I don’t take it personally – I think on the whole Poole supporters are a really good bunch, in terms of they pay money in difficult circumstances, they stand out here – we all know, compared to some of the clubs, the facilities are fairly horrendous.

“A lot of them are very loyal, very vocal – I’ve got no complaints about the Poole supporters. If they were unhappy and want to have a go at me, that doesn’t really worry me.

“I’m interested in my team, I’m interested in how they feel, my feeling towards them and their feelings towards me. That’s really the be-all-and-all for me.”