SCOTT Parker insists Maxim Demin "has a trust in what I'm doing", despite having not recently spoken to the owner.

Cherries sit top of the Championship table, still unbeaten in the league since Parker took over as head coach in the summer.

Following Tuesday night's 1-0 victory at Stoke, Cherries are now just one game away from matching an all-time club record.

Not since the 1961-62 campaign have Cherries begun a league season 14 games unbeaten, under player-manager Bill McGarry.

But avoiding defeat to Huddersfield Town at Vitality Stadium on Saturday (3pm) would see Parker join that exclusive list.

Asked if he has had any congratulations from Russian owner Demin after the club's impressive start, Parker said: "No, I wouldn’t want that to be honest with you, because I realise this is a long season.

"I realise as much as you’re giving me these compliments and it’s all great, I realise there’s going to come a day where I’m sitting here facing you and the dynamics of what a long season is, it’s going to be very different.

"I’m pleased, I’m delighted, I’m very level with where we are. We’ve done very, very well.

"But I also realise that this is a long, drawn out season.

"This is just the early stages. No trophy, nothing is ever won after 13 games, it is ultimately won at the end of it.

"You keep asking me those questions, we’re going in the right track, but I realise as well that there’s a lot to be done."

Quizzed further on his relationship with Demin, Parker added: "No, I haven’t spoken to the owner.

"I’m delighted that I haven’t spoken to the owner, to be honest with you.

"The owner has been nothing but supportive since I’ve walked in here. He’s been ultra-supportive of me.

"I think he has a trust in what I’m doing, what my staff are doing.

"He knows his football club is in good hands. He has people working for him above me in Neill (Blake, chief executive) and Richard Hughes (technical director), who I’m in constant dialogue with.

"I don’t need to speak to him (Demin). I’m delighted that’s the case.

"When you’re speaking to the owner frequently, nine times out of 10 there’s some issues!

"So as long as he’s not talking to me, I’m doing all right."