DANIEL Craig is the premium James Bond, according to the opinion of Cherries head coach Scott Parker.

The 40-year-old gaffer wouldn’t look a mile off as a Bond himself in his suave suits and smart coats, but with the new No Time to Die 007 film taking popular culture by storm he has weighed in with his views of the classic Ian Fleming character.

Craig, 53, starred in his fifth and final Bond film with the latest edition, but has been the face of the British icon since 2006.

Parker revealed he will use the international break to get to the cinema and watch.

He said: “I am a film fan, yeah. I’ll crack on to a bit of James Bond. I’ll have a look at that to be fair, give it a watch. I’ve heard it’s got some good reviews, so I’ll give that a go.”

Asked who his favourite Bond is, he responded: “The one now, Daniel Craig, I like. I like Daniel Craig, he’s got a bit about him, I like him.”

Parker was then asked if any of current Cherries squad would make a good Bond, and who he could see taking up the role.

But he’s not convinced, adding: “No, I’m not sure. Not really, JZ (Jordan Zemura) is a bit of an actor to be fair! Other than that really, not one jumps out.”