JAIDON Anthony and Jordan Zemura are “like two new signings” says Ben Pearson, adding: “I think it’s exciting for the club.”

Both 21-years-old and born towards the very end of 1999, the pair have gone on to start for head coach Scott Parker in all eleven of Cherries’ Championship games so far this season – and of course, are yet to taste loss.

Winger Anthony has provided two goals and three assists, including crucial contributions in tight games like West Brom, Nottingham Forest and being a match-winner against QPR with one of each.

While Zemura has stepped up to the plate and quelled any concerns about the lack of depth in left-back, particularly with loanee Leif Davis’ injury problems, despite having only played literally minutes of professional football before this season.

Pearson added: “Yeah it’s exciting for the club I think, it’s nice, they’re like two new signings really.

“They have adapted really well, off the ball, really good from one game to the next, I said before the game that those two have been really consistent.”

Zemura got his first professional goals with a brace against Barnsley too and both know what it feels like to be match-winners at the second highest level in English football.

His emergence from the Cherries youth setup has seen him receive international acclaim in the shape of Zimbabwe call-ups, in World Cup qualifying.

But that doesn’t stop Pearson still feeling like he can look after the youngsters, and guide them in their careers.

Asked if he feels like he can play that protective senior role, he continued: “Yeah a little bit.

“I’ve played for five or six years now so I know what the Championship is about, how to win games in this league.

“It’s not all about playing pretty football at times, obviously you want to play nice but it’s about winning second balls and pushing for the ball, I hope to bring that knowhow of how to win games and can help them.”